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Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute

The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) has been working diligently to realize a developed and prosperous Ethiopia through its Agricultural Development Led Industrialization Economic policy. Apart from formulating the policy, the Government has also designed various strategies meant to implement the policy. One of the strategies which come at fore front is the Industrial Development Strategy which gives much attention to the textile industry among others.





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Ethiopia The Rising Star In Textile And Apparel

Africa is a virgin continent and has immense resources and potential and it still remains largely un-touched, un-explored and un-tapped. Ethiopia in particular has been singled out as a land of growth and investment opportunity.

Untapped White- Gold Where in the Origin of Human Species

Origin Africa 2012 that took place from 24th -27th Textile and garment manufacturing sector is one of the key industrial sector, which is prioritized by the government and expected to contribute to the actualization of country's GTP II. However, when we compared to the country's potential resource, its foreign currency generating capacity has not yet reached at a satisfactory level. The nation plans to earn about one billion USD at the end of GTP II....







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