We have a team who specialize in consultation.
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The Institute is located in eastern part of Addis Ababa, the road to Debrezeit and 1.5 km to the right side in Akaki-Kaliti Sub City, Woreda 05, House Number New.

  • A big department building in Addis Ababa
  • Well know textile consultants
  • A variety of workshops

We work with clients big and small
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We have a team engineers who specialise in writing end of year reports to highlight the successes of your business and the forecast for the next year, which you can distribute to clients and investors, both current and potential.

We will put together a detailed and specific style guide that covers all areas of your brand.

Whether you require detailed support concerning your investment in Ethiopia or any kind of advice  to promote your company,our highly skilled textile engineers will produce the perfect result for you.Just send us your questions or concerns by starting a new case and we will give you the help you need.

Head Office

Addis Ababa, Akaki Kaliti

Tel- 0114395007/08
P.O.Box – 5637
Fax – 0114395003/19


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